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    Offshore 9-19 03 over 21 YFT and Dados

    Great question...during this day I was just throwing live bait...when I first got to the spot I threw a net full then a bait here and there to keep them interested. I also try to keep a bait on a rod/reel in the water at all times even if it is not manned. I can get away with a full scoop, at...
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    Thank you Jordan.

    Thank you Jordan.
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    Offshore 9-19 03 over 21 YFT and Dados

    Thanks brother...I always try my best to give reports that can help fellow BDer's out. I have gotten so much from this site over the years including great friends...Just passing down a passion that was given to me by my grandfather. I am blessed to have a boat and be able to take my son on the...
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    Offshore 9-19 03 over 21 YFT and Dados

    Fished with my son today. Had a blast. Found the fleet with some seiners working an area 03 over 21. water temp 69 - 70 Color Blue in the mix with the fleet we had one knock down slow trolling but lost it several cranks in. Worked the area with everyone else but didn’t get anything going...
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    Free Boat Bow Cushions

    fishincrazy submitted a new listing: Free Boat Bow Cushions - Free Boat Bow Cushions Learn more about this listing...
  6. Free Boat Bow Cushions

    Southern California Free Boat Bow Cushions

    These were taken off a Mako 252. 3" Cushions 64" at the longest point 83" at the widest point Vinyl has seen better days but I am sure the foam could be repurposed. Pick up only Location: Bonita, CA Text or Call Mark eight five eight 232 0305
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    Offshore 8-23 Mahi Monday!

    Congrats boys! Looks like a nice day on the water.
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    Free Trailer Hitches

    Taken. Enjoy!
  9. Free Trailer Hitches

    Southern California Free Trailer Hitches

    I have two trailer hitches. One recently bought but does work for my truck/trailer and the other is one I have had for a while. Balls are 2 5/16". Both are free but you must take both. First come first serve. I live in Chula Vista, pick up only. Text me if you'd like to take them. Mark...
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    Free Trailer Hitches

    fishincrazy submitted a new listing: Free Trailer Hitches - Free Trailer Hitches Learn more about this listing...
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    Offshore PB Trophy Fish with Seaforth Tribute Thursday night

    Congratulations. Love the determination to stick with it and it paid off! Appreciate the report. Enjoy your catch.
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    Offshore Exhausting Bluefin Battle

    Nice work on the solo fish. Congratulations!
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    Offshore Limits on the Poppers by 9:30 am - 7/18

    Congratulations! Great stuff. I’ve had my wife ask the same. Take full advantage of those days.