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    Izors reef Saturday 7/27/19

    Too bad you anchored up. 2 of us drifted there, caught 25 sandies to 6-1/2 #'s all but two legal. 9 calicos mixed shorts and legal, Barracuda came in all over the place and caught a bunch of shorts and almost legals. And we had live sardines and some frozen squid.
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    "Triton" at Cat 7/22

    :appl:Glad to hear that~!
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    "Triton" at Cat 7/22

    Sorry...but...Should throw those big breeder calicos back, they are slow growing.
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    Getting there . . . Week by week

    Always use a trap hook for halibut! That way you don't miss the rakes and short bits.
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    Bridge to Sunset Aqustic Ramp Closed!

    Side road is for vehicle traffic only. No trailers. Can only go through with an escort and only if you belong in there. I used the road today with the escort. Still have a lot of work til the road is even escort ready. We talked with the crew working the road today. The whole thing as been a big...
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    SAT. - NICE SANDIES~! ----------BUTT

    Sandies were in the 85 foot range butt was in about 65 foot range
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    SAT. - NICE SANDIES~! ----------BUTT

    OPPS Sorry Jay~! Sorry I goofed and didn't post that photo. My bad~! But it's up now unless you want me to edit my post. Don't want you feeling left out my friend.
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    SAT. - NICE SANDIES~! ----------BUTT

    Gentleman’s start on the water due to Jay’s mom had to be taken to the airport early. Was kinda nice for a change launching a little after 7A.M. ! Fished our local rock piles with just our frozen squid and mixed fin bait. Made a bunch of mini-macs for later try at halibut or chunk/fillet bait...
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    Local rock piles fishing was good

    "]What? No bounce balling?[ Oh of course we did some of that too! Just no luck yet~!
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    Local rock piles fishing was good

    Decided to stay close on Sunday with all the holiday plans and families. Half of the Gary's Custom Saddlery & crew just wanted to get out on the water and away from all the commotion and relax. Flat seas, little wind, stayed crisp for most of the morning. Fished with nothing but...
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    Zippo on the Shoe Yellows - Saturday 10/25

    Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver crew was there too. Carbon copy of our day~! Couple of nice big calicos off the surface and nothing else. Lot of short rakes. I think the end is nearing unfortunately. Might be time to start looking for the big butts~!
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    Slug Yellow off LB - 10/12/14

    Nice going Jeff~! Back side of Cat. was the same for us on Sat. 30# should be close.
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    One or two – or LIMITS of YT?

    Well the other usual one half of Gary’s Custom Saddlery & Silver crew decided not to fish with the masses on the shoe and 150 spots for that one or two super fish. Our plan was to fish the back side east end of the Cat. Island. HOWEVER, half way across we found the largest paddy of all paddies...