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    CanAm 2019 Defender XT HD8

    Does it come with a trailer?
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    Looking for a aluminium or galvanized trailer for my bostown whaler 190 outrage let me know if you have one in decent shape. Thanks Avo 818-974-1450
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    Custom Crestliner Center Console

    Bump for a very clean skiff.
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    22` Cortez Radoncraft

    Dan can I come see the boat weds or Thursday ?
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    25' Anderson Custom w/ Yamaha Outboard (SOLD)

    Bump for a slick sled, cant believe this hasnt sold.
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    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    Good work Ali and thanks for the great write up
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    Best Day Ever...

    Awesome story my daughter is 5 now and my son 3 and i have taken them to the lake to fish bass many times, will look to take them to the bay this summer. One advise ill give is some water toys and plenty I mean plenty of snacks. Also when i see them getting bored ill move let them pretend to...
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    Ford F-150 or GMC 1500?

    I have the 3.5 eco boost and have had a gmc with the 5.3 v8. the 3.5 ecoboost has way more torque and hp and would take it over the 5.3. Both are great trucks and its all personal preference but I would lean toward the ford.
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    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Sammy we appreciae the info and i hope you feel better soon, do you have any idea how you may have been infected?
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    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Prayers sent for a speedy recovery
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    if im not mistaken you could shoot a doe with that tag as well good luck
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    Last retrieve for Tia 9-12-19

    Sorry for your loss