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    SOLD New G2 Avet Jx 6.0

    Sold. Enjoy the reel Kyle, it was good meeting you.
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    SOLD New G2 Avet Jx 6.0

    Pending for Saturday pickup.
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    SOLD New G2 Avet Jx 6.0

    Most definitely. If I decide to ship you’re first up.
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    SOLD New G2 Avet Jx 6.0

    $200 I’m all set on reels of this size. Used once for 10 yoyo drops. No boat rash/scratches. Still have clamp and screws. Located in Riverside, prefer pickup over shipping. Text me for fastest response, 909-240-1094
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    15 lb test on 200 curado for YFT?

    Take it to fish spotties but not yft. You’ll end up hooking one of the 30-50 lb bluefin that are mixed in.
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    The sardine flicker

    It’s because their powerbait won’t come off
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    Tranx 500 PG - is there a way to up the gears/ratio easily?

    Or just sell the pg and buy an hg
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    Only ever out of 22nd st
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    San Diego Fish ID

    *Betsy Devos
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    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    I actually don’t watch cnn. Stagnation, corruption, and destabilization within education, Wall Street, housing, etc is not the type of progression that I want to see in our country, my country. For one the rollback of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, that happened less than 10 days ago...
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    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    You’re right because 90% of DACA recipients are employed, ~70% have attained or in the process of attaining a higher education (while the 400,000 that would otherwise qualify for DACA do not because they do not meet the educational requirements of graduating high school or a ged), the average...
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    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    As if drugs do not go circulate through all cultural hubs that are major cities, ie. where most of the money is, that then attract degenerate figures, ie robbers, rapists, criminals of all sorts because it is where the money is. Go ahead and generalize a population though, you’re entitled to...
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    Colt sniper questions

    How much of a bend are you putting into it?