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    Skipjack 24 Flybridge Transom Rebuild

    I don't have enough experience to give recommendations. My understanding is that if you can't or don't want to deal with making the outside look pretty, you do it from the inside. As Rusty mentioned, if you have to do stringer work, you may as well do it from the inside. What I noticed on my...
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    Skipjack 24 Flybridge Transom Rebuild

    I did the transom (and stringers) on my 24 open. Had to remove the I/O. I chose to remove old transom from inside since I was doing the stringers too. Not a fun job, not easy, but definitely doable. Was my first boat, so I knew nothing about these kind of jobs. I'm glad I did it, but I hope to...
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    Skipjack 20 new tank

    No foam? My 1977 was foamed in.
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    Daiwa Grandwave reels

    What handle/knob is that?
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    Need Help with First Pair of Binoculars

    Following for future reference. Not in my budget any time soon, but I don't fish offshore much.
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    Bay / Harbor Skunked in Palos Verdes 7-23-2022

    I’ve never done well at PV either. Mostly because I suck at fishing. The kelp forest is amazing but I wonder if the relatively shallow waters keep some of the big boys away.
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    Inshore LB 7/24 mixed bag

    Wanted to try some new areas, so we started at the edge of the shelf in about 250-300'. Got one grumpy on a live 'dine. Moved inshore a bit to 200' and got 3 rockfish (one on live 'dine, two on cut squid) and a sand dab on cut squid. Move in again to about 100' and got another rockfish and a...
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    Skipjack pilot house mold

    Will this fit a 24 open? If so, I am interested.
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    Windy App

    Windy is great. I also use NWS and Magic Seaweed. This is a recent thread with various app suggestions, and some great info on how the apps work, and how to use them effectively:
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    New to trying Speargun fishing

    If you're ever in the OC area check out: Their annual tournament is next month. You can come to the weigh-ins at Spear America and check out the shop and talk to spearos of all levels. I'm not affiliated but my son is a member.
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    Islands 7/19 - Catalina Frontside

    Advanced Marine Service, in CM. Yeah, they're awesome but they always seem to be booked out about a month or so. YMMV
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    Islands 7/16 west end rockfish... because I can't catch bft or yt even if I tried

    Last year my wife outfished me just about every trip. This year I'm ahead on the scorecard... by 2 fish LOL
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    Islands 7/16 west end rockfish... because I can't catch bft or yt even if I tried

    I wasn't gonna bother posting because of all the other amazing reports flooding BD recently. I'm just a noob that was lucky enough to have a boat fall into my hands a few years ago. So if you're a Joe Schmoe, weekend warrior "fisherman" like me, and couldn't catch a pelagic if your life depended...