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    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    Bonito used to be junk fish, there was always plenty to be had. They do make the occasional showing, but nothing like before. My guess is the reason nobody likes to hear or admit to, overfishing. Thats the last reason people want to hear, but I do believe it's true. The same goes for so many...
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    mexican navy stopped us

    Why would that make you nervous? Our military is full of 19 yo kids with weapons...does that make you nervous? Have you been pulled over by a Coast Guard boat lately? Pretty much the same thing.
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    Almost the coastal slam +++

    Did you use fresh dead squid? If so, where did you get it? Nice work. How big were the WSB and T-shark. Congrats on the great fathers day catch.
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    Mud Marlin

    With all those ingredients thrown in, a turd would be tasty. Aside from all the BS, how'd the fish taste?
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    BOOOO! It's only an add...WTF.
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    SD Bay Lately (A Pictoral Report)

    Very nice...say no more.
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    Octopus, Octopus, Sculpin & More Octopus

    Questioned by SDPD...let see if this elicites the same response you'd get if you were fishing in Mexican waters and questioned by Mexican authorities. Highly doubtful. I hope you're selling your boat to get another one. Otherwise, sorry about having to sell it.
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    Cat Food = Fish Food = Chum ???!!!

    And if that doesn't work, you got tuna sandwiches for lunch. Don't forget the cheeze whiz.
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    Fuel Surcharges?

    I think the fuel charge is necessary. They can raise and lower the surcharge with the fluctuation of fuel costs. The prices will go down eventually...they always do. If they (the landings and charters) do raise the rates instead of adding a surcharge, do you think the rates will lower when...
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    Like he DFG, the CHP dont have much of a sense of humor. Who the hell is Julio Chavez?
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    Seaforth San Diego 4/17

    Imagine the mess if the bite was on. Yep, I'm drinking.
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    Catalina with the Pups

    What we need is for the water to warm up a bit. There's certainly plenty of fin bait in the waters off of Dana Pt, Laguna and San Clemente. Some impressive early season WSB making a show. Maybe a few degrees here and there will wake things up. BTW Todd, did you take peanut butter along?
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    Dana Point 4-16

    Go Kris. Catch and release... into a steamer. Now that right there is some funny shit. Damn that looks good. Accompanied with rice and fresh veggies maybe? A bottle of O baby. Strong work.
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    New Record Seabass!! What a Lucky Bastard

    He must write this shit when he's stoned:smoking33: (hence the 420 in his name) and think it's cute or funny or some shit. Whatever...every village has one. :picknose: