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    Any reports banks 267, 289, 277, 152?

    Launching tomorrow to check out the scenery at the local banks. I was curious if anyone has been in these areas and what they are seeing. Some good temp/chloro breaks in the areas according to tempbreak..
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    SOLD you snooze you lose suckerrrrrr

    Where are you located? I'm interested in seeing it in person.
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    Catalina Tuna Report 11-19-19

    Launched HH 6 am. Hit up nachos for dines and headed out pointed toward the 277 area. Bait and birds everywhere on way out but outer ridge of 277 area was lifeless minus a couple patties holding some bait. Headed up the ridge toward east end of cat passing 152 area when we glassed a foamer...
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    Bump. A lot of hits but no commitment. Need gone. Text me. 626 422 7117
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    Lobster forum

    Can we please get a section specifically for lobster??!! There is no reason the lobster posts should be in the inshore and islands fish report. Thank you.
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    Back for sale.. have not used since original post. Text me 626 422 7117
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    K38 questions

    Going on a surf trip this coming wednesday to k38. Was wondering if there is any good fishing from shore, or if any locals have pangas. I know rosarito and ensenada offer sportfishing but i am trying to stay within 10 minutes or so. Thanks
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    Monterey shore or rocks help. *not report*

    Thanks Craig! Awesome last minute intel i appreciate it very much. Now i just need to break away from the wife!
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    Monterey shore or rocks help. *not report*

    From socal never fished this area. Booked a trip to the intercontinental inn and have not had time to do any sort of research whatsoever. Almost left without bringing any fishing gear. Turned around grabbed my 7ft 8-17lb med action with a citica and some 12lb mono, a few warbaits heads and a few...
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    7/29 - Dana Point - 209 - 289 - 81 Area

    You got to chase tuna in good conditions, can't complain!