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    took the youngin out to catch lobster bait

    thats it there..wtg on getting on the macs..
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    Ready to fish.

    dont listen to this guy,go kill you some rockfish:hali_olutta:
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    2 looking for someone to with a boat to fish bones in Redondo

    why do you need a boat to fish the harbor???hop on some rocks dont be lazy
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    Gail Force Sportfishing Long Beach bugging 1/1/14

    do they split up all the lobsters or whats in ur net is yours????
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    LED vs Plasma tv

    Never go with 120..always go for the 240hz..quality is way better...but a bit costly..
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    New Years Day Breakwater Trip

    nice way to work the wall...
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    dam knee

    how in the hell do you blow out 4 knees...i would like to know,so i know what not to do to blow out my knees..damn that looks painful
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    Suggestions for bait casting reel!!!!!

    try the shimano citica that lil thing..
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    new to spotties

    use 15lb test...2ounce weight with treble hook...if you bait like you asked...but if you wanna throw plastics..6-8lb test..3in hammers,,chigger claws..smothered in butter:hali_olutta:
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    kayak fishing lb wall

    ive seen plenty of yaks inside of the wall closest to the launch (cabrillo launch area)there using live squish..and coming in with some beauts...
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    Lobster Hoopers Beware

    that long beach court house has been modernized...:hali_olutta:
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    Does Bloodydecks need a bullying policy

    knock it off!!!...its called bloody decks,shit talking ,hazing,bullying at its finest...sack up buddy...:finger:
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    Fish on some stones

    X2!!!quality is very good..i had limits of rock fish followed by my limit of lings...