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    For Sale Rods rods rods

    seeker American series. A 270. $75 Seeker American series A 660. $75 St Croix pc-70mh. $50 Seeker stealth stl 6530. $75 All in good shape. Cork on st Croix needs to be cleaned
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    Leaving early Polaris supreme

    looks like the boat will be coming back earlier than scheduled. Good news for our trip leaving Saturday, I hope. Looking forward to fishing and I really hope the fishing is good after the weather situation.
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    Tern reels

    I have and have had quite a few accurate reels. I love them all, except the tern and I hate to say it. Why they knowingly put a reel out which had problems is baffling to me. First trip out with it and could not get it to go into freespool. 2 days old and I need to send it in. Had a fishing trip...
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    Input Needed: Which 8 FT Jig Stick

    My opinion is I like throwing iron with a glass rod but not so much catching them with a glass rod, not bigger fish. Under I’ll say 60lbs all is ok. Over that and what makes a good jig stick work well works against you fighting a fish. This is just my opinion but I would definitely pull on some...
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    Thanks. Hate to go buy something new with all the other expenses involved. But also didn’t want to get my ass kicked by fish like last year
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    Going on a 7 day. First time fishing wahoo. I will be taking my jig stick has a tranx 500 on it. I know I’ll be ok with that but will a tranx 400 be ok? And what about a Torium 20? Appreciate the help
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    Interested. Is that mono or braid rating? Curious because dude said fish up to 30lbs.
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    FREE Question on rules

    When I see a ridiculously high price can I also give a ridiculously low offer and not a pm? Or is that harassment?
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    277 losing hope

    Sometimes you just need to enjoy the peacefulness of the ocean we all take for granted
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    yellow-tail in November

    Great to see they are biting. Damn hook up baits. They freakin work
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    Sierras Duck Opener

    My dogs are pissed at me for still fishing but we will get out there. Good job.