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    Punta Colonet Sacarmento Reef sla Cedros

    possibly bft? you can't keep em in Mex though. you launching out of SD?
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    Any News On The Bite In Ensenada?

    who are you fishing with?
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    Rpt.- 03-05-15 Two more days of chasing Tails!

    geeeez guys, leave some for me! hahaha good report as always corey, and way to slay em!
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    Limits of tails of Fri 2-20 and near limits on Sat 2-21 North of Ensenada

    fuck yea, always a good time fishing with Vic!, always killing it.
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    Rpt.-02-19-15 A 2 day Yellowtail Frenzy!

    jealous...way to kick some tail gentlemen! i gotta time the tide and hit it up soon before Bill kills them all! hahaha my buddy Vic hd told me about this too...Awesome!
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    YT Report 1-22

    love when they choke on the jig!
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    i knew it! haha nice tails
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    Yellows in the Mist...

    Sweet panga, and dig the sack. No room for a cooler for us skiff guys!
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    Popotla reports?

    True. Popotla guys really focus on bottom fishing year round, unless u know a good captain there. I'd stick with a 3/4 day. Saves u the drive.
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    Ensenada Bait Report NEEDED - Fishing this weekend, 8-22-14

    I'd take sabiki and stop at the kelp beds before the point and at the point if there is little. Maybe even run to the island if you really have too. Good luck!
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    Can't catch tuna

    Burned less than 5 gallons on my skiff. Went out today again. Water dropped from 75 to 71. Dodos where looooong gone.