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    PV Report for Nov 4-8

    Congratulations Paul on a great trip and report. Hope to see you this season.
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    Tuna Weekend

    Trolling / lures or live bait? Thanks for the report, nice to see some quality tuna in range. I’ll be back in the water in Nov. Tks
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    trailering my boat down to punta mita

    Punta Mita harbor is only for locals. Your only option in Punta Mita is to anchor out in the harbor and paddle out on surf board or get a local panga to shuttle you. They aren’t cheap, so I’ve heard.
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    Marlas day trip 10/17/2019

    Wow, that’s like the good old days at the rock! Sure hope that is a sign of a change. Those Dorado are awesome.
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    Trolling 10hrs oct 15th El Matador sport fishing

    Love the video of the marlin release. Good job!
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    Corbeteña rock fishing oct 14th yellowfin tuna

    It’s been a long time since Corbetina has produced any cows. Sure hope it comes back around. Nice fish and your Joker mates rock it.
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    Looking for Fishing Captain

    You won’t go wrong with any of the Marla Captain’s
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    Ok, maybe not SO overrated!

    Wahoo’s gone? You guys know how to get it done. Nice job!
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    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    Good point Jeff! I would guess you are right on!
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    Tuna are overrated!

    Corbetina? Nice size to those hoo’s
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    El Matador report January/1st / 2019

    Thanks for your help Manny. You always seem to have it dialed in. I really want to catch one of these bad boys on my boat.
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    El Matador report January/1st / 2019

    What’s the trick to catching those Cuberas? Sounds like drifting dead skippies works. Weighted or flylined? Any preferred depth or just look for structure.
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    Dorado in the bay

    That’s the ticket! Worked for us on Saturday. Two wahoos in that zone. I owe you Jim. Gracias
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    todays fish

    Jim thanks for your info. Yesterday we caught two of our first ever PV Wahoo. What a kick to finally see them show up. We also lost one Dorado and two other blind strikes. Very rough water yesterday and watch out for the long lines. We caught one in our prop. I can’t tell you how much we...
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    todays fish

    Thanks Jim! We are finally out tomorrow for our first trip after boat maintenance. Hope you left a few for us.