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  • Hey Gary,
    Are you still painting lures?
    A buddy sent me some marauder style lures that could benefit from some fresh makeup LOL. Some just need a color change since they are duplicate of others I have.
    He also sent me 2 OG Intruders that Jerry would like to trade for but he may be too busy to get his lures painted in the colors I want.
    Let me know cost.
    I have some blanks that need to be rigged. No holes. Will need paint. Treble and fixed(yes! I have the right hooks).
    Saw you did a mackerel; there is a IISharp dark yellow with almost a navy stipes that I've always loved.
    Friends with Jeff Villapondo and Sal Russo. Hope that doesn't go against me. Tut,too! Got a lot of old shit.
    310 736-8231
    Hey my name is Julian. I i just bought a 1978 sea ray w/flybridge. You seem to be very knowledgeable when it comes to these boats. I have never owned one, but want to learn as much as possible. Would you mind if I used you as a resource?
    Sure I haven't owned that boat for a long time but I will be happy to answer any questions that I know about the boat.
    You can text or give me a call (714) 318-1803
    Re wahoo stuff, you should be saying yes yes yes! If you want them Gary I'd go $315 for you.
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    Oh hell no... I need those like I need more jigs... They will sell quick
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