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    Tuna saturday

    Great report Stephen. Change the names and faces and that's exactly how our trips went with Pat (Tailwalker) and Kerry (Beast Mode) on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Todd (ShortRound) did some amazing things jigging iron this weekend.
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    Guess I'll be bringing extra cash for bait. Let's roll!
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    Glad I stayed home

    See you on Wednesday. I've got a present for you.
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    Repower for Reelaxation

    Spent all day Saturday troubleshooting the trim/tilt system. Pump ran electrically in both directions on the bench. Pump would only raise the outdrive installed on the boat. Ended up disassembling the pump's hydraulic valves, spool, popits and springs, found a tiny bit of wood lodged inside...
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    Repower for Reelaxation

    Hey, a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do! A little elfin magic goes a long way in fishing and in golf. Now I jut need to figure out how to post a video of her running.
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    Repower for Reelaxation

    Reel-laxation is running again! Dock trials revealed a minor glitch with a faulty shift interrupt switch, but she's running smooth as silk. Have a few minor items to finish on Saturday then ready for sea trials on Sunday to begin the 20 hour break-in period.
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    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    #1 thing some jackwagons still haven't figured out, the line for pulling your boat out starts with who's next in line with their truck and trailer, not who's closest to the ramp with their boat. Drop off someone at the pier who is competent enough to back a trailer, then back away from the pier...
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    Repower for Reelaxation

    Well, Murphy (not Jamie) showed up yesterday while I was working on the boat. Got all the fluids in, batteries connected, 20 gallons of fuel onboard, ready to turn the water on... oops, outdrive stuck in the full up position, trim pump appears to be dead. Pulled the rear lift cylinder shaft...
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    What makes a good deckhand?

    When the bite is off or during crappy weather, being able to entertain miserable clients is a rare talent that is usually appreciated and rewarded. Learn or make up some funny stories and you'll have happy clients even if they don't plug the boat. Best of luck in your endeavors.
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    Repower for Reelaxation

    So it rained... Trim/tilt cylinders installed, battery connections made, engine oil primed using the starter, 40psi on the dash gage, fluids added. Saturday I'll Bleed the hydraulics, add some fuel and see if she will start. Then bleed the power steering and top off the fluids again.
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    Repower for Reelaxation

    Outdrive installed and nearly finished with the electrical connections on the motor. Battery hookup to the starter, lift cylinders and start adding fluids tomorrow, maybe, if it doesn't rain.
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    Repower for Reelaxation

    New engine is in the well, just need for the rain to go away and a couple of nice days to get everything hooked back up. Oil, then prime the engine, power steering fluid then bleed the lines, coolant, fuel, trim/tilt fluid then bleed those lines, trim tab fluid then bleed those lines, and...
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    Repower for Reelaxation

    I'm more of a slow and steady kind of guy, detailed, meticulous to the point of being anal. A retired machinist friend of mine stopped by last weekend, took about 30 second look at the motor and commented that it OCD comes in handy sometimes hu? I asked what he meant by that and he pointed to...
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    Repower for Reelaxation

    I'm assuming you're talking about the steering lever. Old one, full right. Then pushed left without anything moving. Yeah, just a little sloppy. I actually replaced the entire gimbal with a used one from Jerry Twogood's old setup.