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    Seeker 540 prototype?

    Seen those rods they’re quite a bit different. Finally got confirmation it’s a Sabre seeker mashup from a time long past. The joint of the sections and lack of labeling gave it away. Way smoother joints than the old seekers that often had bubbles and holes in the material there.
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    Seeker 540 prototype?

    I solved the mystery a few months back it’s a never released blank... I’ll be sure to post pics when I’m done working on the boat...
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    Best light wind kite

    Lewis extra light wind and a balloon. If ya don’t wanna use helium don’t get into kites... Boston’s suck if you actually know how to fish. They surge and force you to constantly dramatically adjust your rigs.
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    Kite set up

    50 wide or larger full of 130-200lb spectra with a 6’ 400lb leader for your flyer(some guys like a 30’ mono top shot for stretch but it’s not necessary).Rod should be something rated 130-unlimited and is more preference. I like my calstar 775XXXH. Don’t fish anything smaller than a 50 standard...
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    What Does Hook "3X Strength" Really Mean?

    Bent a lot of those mustard demon 3x hooks over the years. Seems like mustad has a annual batch of hooks that come out soft and this year if was forsure the demons.
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    Rod recommendation

    711 h with a tranx 400 and a wahoo for the 500. The 300 doesn’t hold enough line to fish much more than calicos. And I hate fishing 30lb spectra. 400 filled with 50lb and a short top on that 7’11H will throw any 5”+ swimbait and still be more than capable on the occasional tuna or yellow
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    Talica 20ii vs Makaira 16sea

    More torque and lower gearing with the mak.
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    Ice Machine - for home use

    Eskimo with a good ice bin...
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    For Sale 2007 38’ Mediterranean

    Great boat! Had the opportunity to help Bob out a few times and it was a super nice rig
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    Fujinon Authorized Service Locations

    Mail them to baker
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    Dont know where this belongs....

    Should’ve handled it before you left the boat. Probably more to the story than he lost the rod though. Typically that’s a fumble between angler and crew when passing rods and that’s not something you blame on the deck crew. Buy another stick and fish another boat.
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    Graftech offshore?

    They aren’t the turners house brand and I’m guessing you didn’t have a clamp on your reel if you claim the rod is costing you a reel... The graph tech line is a great budget friendly option. Used them for my personal rods And rental rods and never had an issue besides the occasional ceramic...
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    WTB 38 Mediterranean Information

    Garbage... light and narrow boats That don’t handle any weather other than calm...
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    Private boat sale, large cash transactions? Alternatives?

    Cash and a side arm... less hassle than the bank and guaranteed safety...