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    For Sale Farallon 25, refit

    Cleanest boat in the price range. Can’t beat the strait shaft Cummins combo! Was hard not to bring her home.
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    Daveys Launch Ramp Safety

    Daveys hasn’t been ticketing but you aren’t supposed to park for multi days there. Better safer option is Newport dunes but it’s a little pricey and time consuming but plus side your truck is as safe as being at home.
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    Double or Triple Surgeons for Heavy mono to Fluoro Connection

    3 Or 4 turn turn uni to uni. But in a perfect world you’d have a long leader served in a wind on.
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    How much anchor rode?

    We run a min of 500’ of rope on all small boats wanting to fish Clemente besides the bass skiffs. We run 75’ of chain to 1000’ with a Bruce 33lb claw.
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    pulling shrimp pots?

    It wouldn’t be very efficient to pull them like that and the rope is much lighter so if you snag gear you’ll be breaking it off much quicker without a chance to save it on a block.
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    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    The Buttons jam If you fish them in the rod holder. I’ve also had them collapse. If it’s jammed a flat head and a lot of Kroil fixed mine.
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    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    They’re good for the harness but at that point you may as well save the money and go with a standard bent butt rod.
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    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    They’re really cool until you stuff them under your arm and try to fight a fish. Been there done that I’d rather have aftco bent butt and a separate rail rod. Once you add swivel holders your never stand up fish again.
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    14’ Livingston raising the floor... ADVICE

    You’re gonna flip over once and then look back at this thread... casting decks are one thing but raising an entire deck is a whole other story
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    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    Shoot a pm if you’re Serious. You should add in another $5k a year for maintenance and start looking for a Early 90s tiara or a a blackfin with gassers because a diesel twin screw for $75k and that yearly budget isn’t gonna happen most likely.
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    Rock Hopping on Mother's Day

    10 rockfish total with a few exceptions for sub limits with a 20 total bag limit for the day in socal. Juneau last I worked there was 5 pelagic(Blacks, duskys, yellowtail, and widow?) and one non pelagic yellow eye, quill backs and tigers) per year for non resident angler with a note area to...
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    Apelco 530 fishfinder/plotter and jrc112 gps sensor

    Go spend $1500 on a good fish finder... holy digging in the past
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    For Sale 25' Anderson Custom w/ Yamaha Outboard ($90k OBO)

    What was your intention with the VMS. Any permits on the boat that you’d wanna sell with it?