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    Olympic outboard conversion project

    I really hate posting this, 1989 olympic 23' resorter hull Custom made 30" outboard bracket 2007 300 hour f250 from West Coast Marine New transom New stringers In floor fish boxes Title in hand for boat and trailer Lots of parts and accessories to go with. $25,000 for EVERYTHING
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    Cannon riggers, 1 new, 1 used

    Interested in the mag10, where are you located?
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    WTB; 23-28' boat

    TRUTH!! I'm going on year 4 of converting an i/o to outboard after replacing 3 inboards. Not giving up, but damn am I over it.
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    Sanding/Priming Aluminum

    Powder coat WILL bubble and peel in the salt.
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    Sanding/Priming Aluminum

    Either sandblast it or if you don't want to power sand it wash it down first with acetone then hit it with 60 grit paper. Apply two coats of epoxy barrier coat primer then one coat of tie coat primer while last coat of epoxy is slightly tacky. Top coats of either enamel or bottom paint over tie...
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    age to start retaining child’s limits

    My daughter was 2 when she was helping run the pot puller and count shrimp from the pot. She went home with her 80.
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    Tent Camping With Kids

    Cove at fish lake. It's an amazing place!
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    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    Green Mountain has the Chinese pellet grill manufacturing dialed in. 7 years of BBQ 3-4 times a week with zero issues. Traeger went China and had tons of issues. Pitboss is sold by Walmart, self explanatory. Yoder if you want to go American. All others are cheaply made with inferior materials.
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    My turn: garage sale with bigger items... (Downriggers and pot puller)

    2nd the washdown pump. Where are you located?
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    Very cool!
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    22’ Glasply repower opinions please

    Hmm, the info I have shows same weight. Either way, 125lbs is completely unnoticeable.
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    22’ Glasply repower opinions please

    There is zero weight difference between the f150 and f200.
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    22’ Glasply repower opinions please

    250 would be my minimum.
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    Washington Car Ferry For Sale!