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    2021 Halibut

    Thanks! fb
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    Substantiated 2021 Halibut Rumors

    A rhetorical question I reckon, but I suspect that the uncaught quota goes to the resource. fb
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    Substantiated 2021 Halibut Rumors

    Yeah I liked fishing later for sure. I loved sitting on the hook waiting for a rod bender in August, and the success rate was the best I can recall. I didn't appreciate the unpredictability of the dates and short notice, but that's life in a pandemic. fb
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    Fuel at Westport

    No doubt. I had my boat in that exact same position at the hungry whale a couple weeks ago. And I didn't want that corn liquor in my tank, but dammit we were going to fish the next day. It seems like almost all ports I fish out of have this same issue. I'd actually pay more per gallon...
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    Garmin Time Zone Glitch ??

    Mine does that too. Thanks sgwill for the tip, fb
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    Tuna 10/3?

    We're going Saturday. fb
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    9/30 CR tuna. WFO.

    Alright, thanks Mike! fb
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    Tuna dumbass

    Also considering Sat/Sun, fb
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    Tough day of Westport

    Yeah negative on that. I wasn't going anyplace near the eat hole of that thing, he was pissed! fb
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    Tough day of Westport

    I have no doubt ours was a salmon shark. Ate a trolled x-rap, quick run, then sulked 200 ft below the boat before being winched up. I was just bummed it wasn't a tuna. fb
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    Tough day of Westport

    We caught this on Sunday. Looked like a white, 6+ feet long, but I'm assuming it was a salmon shark. correct assumption? fb
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    SlapShot tuna 12 Sept

    I sometimes struggle to navigate and miss things (pots and logs) when it is foggy and dark and smokey all at the same time (ie. Sunday night). fb
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    Westport Albacore Thursday!!

    Herd of Turtles on 68, fb
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    Tuna run Thursday ilwaco

    Also looking at Friday. fb
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    Garmin Radar Warranty Replacement

    I have that radar too, and have nothing but good things to report for a few years now. It was invaluable driving around in the fog last weekend up in 4 (liking the doppler feature). I've had a few things (Garmin hardware) fail me over the last 10 years, but I've also had J&G do my installs...