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    Best downrigger clips

    This is exactly what I’m thinking. I didn’t even know they made other types.
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    Best downrigger clips

    Use a top shot of mono if you are running braid. I have no problem with them staying in with Scotty clips and 40lb top shot. You obviously need more tension when letting them out but will need to figure out your premature release problem first.
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    2021 Ilwaco Tuna Club Invitational Tournament July 30/31

    We were headed out with fat cat on Saturday u til he turned around. That would explain it.
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    Saltwater A10 Jeff Head Coho

    Calm down big boy. There is a significant difference between BD and facepage whether you want to admit it or not. Like an order of magnitude difference. Let me know if you need explaining on what an order of magnitude is. I never said it was a good thing to post hot spots on here and I...
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    A7 closes

    Don’t bring 13 into this discussion. We have no fish and plenty of season dialed in down here.
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    Saltwater A10 Jeff Head Coho

    Eeeeeeee zzzzzzz…. A bd report seen by a few hundred people is pretty minor compared to a face page group with 30k strong where you have charters pimping the fishery. Sounds like it’s hot though so I better get there ASAP.
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    CQ Roll Call

    I ventured to Sekiu for the first time with the family last weekend so I will throw in my two cents. We stayed at anglers hideaway and launched everyday. First off, it is a good feeling to help support a town that clearly struggles to stay afloat. In my opinion, they did a great job at Mason’s...
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    Saltwater Sekiu report

    Same for us. Let a few nice ones go unfortunately.
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    14" Trailer Tires/Wheels - FREE

    Oly… I just need one.
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    14" Trailer Tires/Wheels - FREE

    I shot him a pm but never heard back.
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    14" Trailer Tires/Wheels - FREE

    Pm sent.
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    Coast Guard Question

    What about that time they wanted to stop us 3/4 of the way across the bar at ebb tied to check your registration and make sure we were over 20 ft? You know the time I’m talking about. That was a fucking joke.
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    WP Bottomfish

    This guy provided pics of his wife and not one person is going to pm him the super secret wp halibut spots? Like said above, just a couple spots that are typically fished like lapush.
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    Precision machine work?

    Yeah we’re talking apples and oranges with compound and recurves... I should have figured you do it the “Barta way”. Good luck on your search bud.
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    Precision machine work?

    Why in the hell would you spend that kind of money on broadheads.... just go get some montechs and report back. There is zero chance it is worth 50+ a broadhead over 40 for three. Hell, I would shoot muzzy’s before I spent 50 each.