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    Boat ideas - help me spend money

    I loved my Arima Sea Ranger 17... I think it fits in most garage doors... I had a skip tower on it, which we liked a lot... if you got the soft top, it folds down for less height in the garage... Mukilteo has the docks out for part of the year, though, so if we ever get blackmouth back, you...
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    Fishing The Pacific Northwest – An Intro

    Do we have to take a shot every time we see @Cornfed's picture in that article???
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    2022 Blackmouth

    I understand people being frustrated with the current sport fishing opportunities in Washington. I know I am. I'm not sure that I agree with some of the opinions and conclusions that are being given, though... I'm not sure Den has met Ron, but am pretty sure he hasn't had a calm conversation...
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    Apollo March 9-13 late report

    Looks like @halibut herb got into some nice fish!
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Are you saying that @TheWoman is not an adult???
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    Ditto... got one since the Parker has one... count em one... cup holder...
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    2021 Ocean Salmon Options

    I agree with Shari... option 2... chinook catch in the ocean does have some impacts on Puget Sound chinook, and choosing the high ocean option has cut inside fisheries in past years...
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    Slick Bunks

    I think I will be upgrading to Surfix... my Pacific trailer has carpet wrapped 2x6’s... if I wanted to also replace the wood, should I recarpet and then do Surfix? Or raw wood or varnished and then Surfix???
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    Saltwater Area 10 blackmouth

    They don’t take anything off the Interwebs into account. A good number of their bios are also sport anglers themselves.
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    Saltwater Area 10 blackmouth

    Monday is the last day. It closes at 12:01 am on Tuesday to save the other half of the impacts for March when fish are bigger and there should be lass shakers around... The test boat guys aren’t superhuman... saw them hang one or both rods and probably a downrigger ball on Blakely Rock...
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    Bass Pro/Cabella’s Buying Sportman’s Warehouse

    Wasn't Sportsman's Warehouse the one that was selling knock off Silver Horde products made in China? Coho Killers and the like... taking income from a local company... good riddance!
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    FRESH ONE!!!!

    Congrats Steve! Glad all are healthy!
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    Dang! Hopefully this gets cleaned up.

    The other thread is pretty light on "facts"... hopefully some will come out and the community can react appropriately to factual information...
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    Saltwater Kodak TUNA Trip 9 21

    I took a pair of bolt cutters, sprayed some WD on them, then sealed them with my vacuum packer. Carry them next to the first aid kit. Used them a couple months ago and had to repackage them...
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    Beckman Net

    Pm sent