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    Navionics Help

    The main feature difference between Nav+ and Plat+ is, Platinum + gives you 3-D View, satellite overlay and port view. if you do not need these features then i would get Navionics +. I fish mainly saltwater and use the Navionics Regions East. The one foot contour detail helps me target small...
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    Navionics Platinum+ Worth it?

    Which chart is it that you are using? $150 i will assume its a Region+ A one-year subscription to Daily Updates and advanced features is included when you purchase a new product. After a year, you can renew at a discounted price. If you do not renew it the you will lose some advance features...
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    Raymarine Rep for Southern California

    Did you have a Raymarine authorized installer install your equipment. If so i would think that would be a place to start.
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    Best mapping card for Simrad go7xse

    It should cover all of the area in red. I have a San Diego bass guy he should be able to answer your question with detail or [email protected]
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    Best mapping card for Simrad go7xse

    The Navionics Platinum+ Chart or Navionics Regions+ is the best out there. Depending on specific features you may need or not need. What area are you boating or fishing?
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    Before and After Screenshot of a Local Lagoon

    This is a before and after screenshot on an older Simrad. I love the details in the lagoon. I could only imagine how this will help fishing in the back bay.
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    Navionics SonarCharts Shading has been expanded to more card offerings

    Charts below will be able to update with the SonarCharts Shading data. Europe -- MEDITERRANEAN NORTH WEST 5P274XL US Lake Erie & Saint Clair 649 p+ US Lake Superior 647 p+ US California South - Baja & Hawaii - 644P+ US - Maine - 673P+ US - Lake Ontario - 648P+ Europe -- CENTRAL EUROPEAN...
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    Satellite Striped Bass Tagging Program

    Check out this cool video and article we did helping Navionics, Grays Research and The Fisherman Magazine tag a striped bass with a satellite receiver.
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    Great Striped Bass Fishing this year

    if you fish with Mojos you do not need downriggers or wire check out this video about Fishing with Mojos
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    Great Striped Bass Fishing this year

    Mostly Fishing with Mojos and live bait. I am doing a free webinar tonight on Live Bait Strategies for Bass.
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    Great article on Sonar Shading by Navionics

    FYI i found this article on the new added feature to Platinum+and HotMaps+ Sonar Shading. I am glad the are offering $30 off also. Great value for what you are getting.
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    Great Striped Bass Fishing this year

    A few pics from our latest trips. The fish are taking mostly Mojos and tandems with Maja spoons. Hopefully have a few more weeks left. We are using the Navionics Platinum+ NJ/DE with the SonarShading. This helps us dial in on those small contour changes by looking for the contrast of color. Good...
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    Upgrade G2 to G3 garmin maps?

    Yes you should be able to update the chart The Garmin link should guide you. if not try the live chat at Navionics