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    Maximus 4.5 day report Nov 30-Dec 4

    Thanks for taking time writing the report David! Another trip worth planning for in the future. -PJ
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    New Gear sets for MK50IIW

    Jeff, Did Alan put brass sleeves on it? -PJ
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    august 2013 - the second annual garcia-ouano charter

    Thank you for taking time in writing this awesome report. Rain or shine that was a great trip! Congrats.
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    Where can I buy Empty plastic thread spools

    Thank you Jimmy! Amazing prices indeed! You guys are the best!
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    Where can I buy Empty plastic thread spools

    I'm wondering where I can get empty plastic spools of 1oz and 2 oz spools. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. -PJ
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    FS: Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 809XH

    Here's a free bump for you Tito Sonny!
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    shogun/accu 15 day

    Thanks for sharing, great report!
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    Voo Doo donation and some recent work

    Amazing Rods for a Great Cause!
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    JTOB video

    Thank you for sharing!
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    Sting Ray Grips X2

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    New Long Range Fishing Book

    I'm wondering the same thing.... It's a very informative book. Congratulations to Jeff!
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    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 868H

    Nice build! The colors really pop on the tiger!