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    It was a great day, turned bad

    This is all so sad between a group of good folks and good fishermen. I don't know the whole story, and the operators of WTC seem like good, well intentioned dudes. But the winners need to be paid within at least a couple weeks. The process needs to be streamlined, obviously. We didn't have to do...
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    Washington Park Launch update

    Seems like there's a bunch of one eyed seals around. I guess they live a hard life. Not hard enough IMO. Good to see a new dock in. Hopefully gravel can get moved. Big tides and waves wash a lot of it in at some ramps.
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    Be Carefull in Wilipa Bay!

    Maybe trying to beach her intentionally for a clam w/crabs combo trip to one of the towns down there.
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    2 pair of Under Armour Hunting Boots

    I'll take the Brow Tine 2.0s. I will need them shipped. I'll PM, thanks!
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    WTB: Used Yamaha F250 Outboard Motor, maybe F225

    I would like to purchase your current set up as is with everything included. Please send more pics. Seriously, unless you already know, beware early to mid 2000s 225-250 Yamahas without exhaust corrosion issues having been rectified.
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    FS: Proline 20' Walkaround Hardtop Boat - 2007 Four stroke Yamaha

    Nice lil boat that will be fun for someone and get the job done. Those seats are cool. GLWS.
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    Buying a 2120 & I want your opinon!

    I'd run the 150 and see how it works for you before repowering.
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    Best 22-23' Walkaround Boat?

    Not sure how that first part prematurely posted on my last post. That was weird. Can't edit either. But, you get the drift. good luck shopping, there's a boat out there for everyone. Mechanical inspection is your friend.
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    Best 22-23' Walkaround Boat?

    The feedback is just because the Gulfstream Grady has a well deserved cult following. Widely regarded as a very special boat. If it doesn't fit the bill for you due to trailering concerns then The reason for the feedback is that the Gulfstream Grady has a well deserved cult following. It's...
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    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    Not so sure that boat could go from idle to WFO without some type of operator error, or human F'up. And it definitely went WFO and then seemed to back off. Sincerely, a keyboard 125' yacht tech.
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    Safe Boats

    Check out Life Proof Boats. They've got some pics of a recreational boat set up for fishing on their website. Deck space does shrink with the collars. Probably not many out there at auction or on the cheap. Very good riding, well made boats.
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    This. Plus might want to seek out anyone who has done an inboard to outboard conversion on your hull and see how they like it. I know the 24s run well with bracket and outboard, but not sure about the 22s. Might be some good weight distribution advice out there. She might like transom lift and...
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    350 Zukes have been good performers so far from what we've seen, but they don't like 87 octane fuel. 89 seems fine. 300 Yamis seem to detune and run OK on lower octane. 300 Yami or Zuke would be good power for a 22 Sea Sport. Yamaha is running a free extended warranty promo this fall to get you...
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    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Buffalo porn. Prolly a thing in Montana.
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    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    More boat porn. Posted in the correct thread this time.