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    Rollers guides or not?

    How do you guys maintain your rollers. Obviously you remove them, but what/how do you lubricate them? Do you use grease or lube? What kind?
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    Where to build or buy in CR or Panama

    Thanks Tony. Anyone else have any suggestions?
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    Where to build or buy in CR or Panama

    Hello all, I retire in three years. I had planned on buying a 55' long range cruiser/sportfisher, but I recently sold my 30' Skipjack and I am really enjoying not having a boat and payment. I grew up fishing at my parents house in Los Frailes and planned on doing the same as I got older. With...
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    Independence 15 day Hurricane Bank

    Ed, Great information. Thank you. A couple of follow up questions for you. 1. PL68 light - how and when did you fish it? What was the best method to catch skipjack? Were you able to catch them all day?
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    Pelagic Long Sleeve Shirts - Size Medium

    Do you have any adult sizes (2XL)?
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    I will offer $100. Let me know if you are interested.
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    What happened to Brian?
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    AB Biller 42 for sale. $150 OBO

    How much for the pot it's resting on?
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    2010 redux?

    I have avoided the 10 day trips. It's just too much of a gamble for me. For someone who really only gets one "long" trip per year because of home and work commitments, I prefer to go long. This gives us plenty of time to figure out the pattern and to work through a "down" day. I want nothing to...
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    SKB 7000 Mini Tackle Box

    I have the medium sized one I would consider selling. I bought it and have never really used it. I am in Dana Point. Shoot me a PM.
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    Fishing boots..

    Hello all, I am resurrecting this old thread to bring up the subject of footwear. Last year I swore I would not spend another day in my Xtra tuffs. My back cannot tolerate another day standing on the hard deck. After reading this thread, I just ordered the following pair: The cost was $79.00...
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    Next trips out, I'm envious!!

    I would not get too excited. If you read between the lines, you will see that they caught very few fish for the trip. These fish bit for a three hour period right as the sun went down. Also, there was another boat in the area, (I believe it was the Interpid) who reorted they got on the same...
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    Great report. Thanks for sharing.