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    GP80 Mega for Elbie

    You used every technique known to man on this one! And they're all done perfectly!
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    Two Rainshadow Trout Spinning Rods

    Nice work. We don't see very many mini-rods here, so it's a nice change. Those butt caps are nice.
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    UC Reaper turtle rod

    That's pretty cool Bill.
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    Measuring Tip Top Guide Size/Broken Rod

    You either need to measure it or have several different sizes on hand to test fit. Rod builders have lots of them on hand, so look around for one in your area.
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    4 For Ted

    A set to be proud of! For both Ted and Jake.
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    Stacked Rod Storage

    Pretty sharp!
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    Blue C Del Mar United Composites

    Very nice and very colorful!
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    Looking for a mermaid

    You displayed her nicely in that awesome fade. Great work.
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    UC 76 Viper Wrapped

    That's a very interesting tiger wrap. I thought it was some sort of variegated thread.
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    Looks great!
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    Three Lamiglas Bass Rods

    Very nice work! Hope you show us many more in the future.
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    First build ever....Rainshadow Revelation Swimbait 710MH

    Looks like you've been building them for years. Can't wait to see what number 100 looks like.
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    GP85 Phantom for Fran

    That's a whole lotta' red! LIKE!
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    Enter the Dragon Reaper

    Another beauty!