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    GP900 reaper Sarape (Mexican blanket)

    I really like the way the short, multicolored fades pop in the sunlight!
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    Double San Diego Jam Knot for Line to Line Connection?

    For whatever reason, I've had zero failures with the double uni, but a few with the RP knot. I really like how the double uni puts all the load on the wraps, and not so much on a bight.
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    Some extra stuff for starting rod builders or?? GONE!

    Where in San Diego are you located?
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    New Custom Kencor 9' jigstick

    Free bump because I love these blanks. My 8' version is rated 15-40 lb. if that helps.
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    UC bent rods

    Anything specific you want to see?
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    UC bent rods

    GP 76 Predator 20 lbs:
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    The Honest Opinion on 50lb Jigsticks

    I use a BTG 6480 as a dedicated 40 lb. rod for chucking iron and love it. I'd feel pretty comfortable fishing 50 lb. if I really felt the need, but I never have. I've caught several 30 + lb. YT down at Cedros that I had to drag up with an extra 50 lbs. of kelp and the rod handled it no problem.
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    Mak SEA reel seat corrosion (new in the box)

    Use anti seize on the stainless studs and find out the torque spec from Okuma and torque to spec when reinstalling. The anti seize will prevent the corrosion issues that will always happen when two dissimilar metals are joined together and proper torque will prevent the studs from coming loose...
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    Mak SEA reel seat corrosion (new in the box)

    Thread locker is great when used appropriately. From the pics it looks like they use way too much. All it takes is a single drop for anything on a fishing reel.
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    DFP Clamp

    Where are you located?
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    Free Titanium Guides!

    Fingers crossed, haha.
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    Komodo handle choices

    I actually like the power handle on both of my 471s. The ball is super lightweight foam and after several hundred casts throwing surface iron with it, I've never had an accidental engagement. It seems pretty unlikely to be honest.
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    How They Made Kencor Rod Blanks Question

    Custom wrapped rod? Possibly an 800 cut down to 7'? Pretty drastic cut if so, but it could explain the large tip.