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    FYI squid...

    Good one @skrilla !
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    SOLD Like new saltiga 20ld 2 speed

    Is this the 2020 model?
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    Nice! I've been on the hunt for a GF800XLH. Did you pick that up at a shop, or private seller?
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    Want to catch a swordy?

    Stoked I signed up and watched. Thanks for putting this together!
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    Knot puller?

    I made these a couple years ago, specifically to finish off my FG knots. Wood dowel and heat shrink tubing
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    New Saltiga 2 speed

    Looking for some first hand knowledge on how well these can cast a live bait. In particular, the 20 size is what I'm most interested in. In the shop, free-spool seems amazing.
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    Yellowfin Tuna In December?

    Did anyone here get any YFT in December, within 1-day range, out of San Diego, last year? We had limits of YFT, on November 17th, last year. Didn’t get out after that. Just curious. Jason
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    Poke Nachos

    Super tasty and very easy to put together, I highly recommend!
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    Poke Nachos

    My daughter kept insisting I try and make some poke nachos, just like the ones from The Yard House. This past Wednesday 11/04, we had very good fishing, for yellowfin tuna and dorado. Rainy day here in Carlsbad, so decided to try something different with the tuna. I deep fried the wonton...
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    10/18 WFO Footballs near the 371

    I'd say 10lb +/- We had a couple in the low teens. Like I said, not very big, but loads of fun with the right gear. We did not catch any tuna that were 5lbs.
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    10/18 WFO Footballs near the 371

    White knuckle drive down the 5, from Carlsbad, at 4:30 this morning. Fog was so thick, I had to slow way down, like 20mph at times. Cleared the Mission Bay channel about 6:30, with absolutely no fog, with 1.5 scoops of awesome sardines. Headed south and stopped on a couple empty paddies, just...
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    Old Favorites

    I actually still have one of these, along with my bubble & feather rig...just in case...:D
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    WTB Looking for a Calstar Grafighter 800XLH or 800L Blank

    I'm looking for either of these blanks for a custom rod. Not looking for a factory wrapped rod. If you have one for sale, or know where I can get one, in San Diego, or OC, let me know, thanks! Jason
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    WTB Black hole challenger spinning

    Black Hole Challenger Bank S-801H This ad is still up...