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    Okuma Cedros 10 & 12 Star Drags

    I have a Cedros 12 star drag. Pm with offer
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    Boat Cover 2019 Parker 2510 XLD

    I have a 2008 2510xld (pulpit and bracket) and use this cover It fits well but it’s not going to fit like custom cover. It covers from the bow pulpit to the motors and over the sides. I...
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    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    Terrible pumps. I had the 2000 and died after 9 months. Replaced with a 1500 and that died after 3 months. The positive is that I never had airlock issues.
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    Offshore 8/2 Humble Pie

    He wasn’t fleet fishing. We saw him about 6 miles southwest of the fleet. We had the same experience, but were able to score one bft in the same area. We got 8 yellows and a dorado off of several paddies in the same area as hustler also.
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    Small hole in lower unit

    Speed tube
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    FS: 62" Fiberglass Gaff

    What is the hook size?
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    SUP fisherman arrested

    Whats the old saying "Stay in your lane"? This is an example of her being a glory hound and seeking attention. Does she cite any data? No, its her speculating and spreading misinformation. To many people are jumping in and giving their two cents, when they are not clearly qualified to make any...
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    SUP fisherman arrested

    First of all, Kim Prather is an environmental and atmospheric chemist. I should know, she was on my dissertation committee. Secondly, she has no background in virology. So why in the hell would you reference a scientist that has no experience in Virology? No to mention she is a complete and...
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    Penn fathom 25n/30 star drag

    Sierra trading post had them for $129 gen 1 model
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    Parker 2510 Stainless Bow Rail For sale $500 obo

    As for delivery?? I have a friend that might do it, but it will probably cost an extra $100 (SD-San Pedro). If you have access to any size truck, its no problem to strap down. The ends are zip tied to the side view mirrors and we use pool noodles to protect everything (Plus a couple of ratchet...
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    Parker 2510 Stainless Bow Rail For sale $500 obo

    It would depend on what year your 2520 is? I think the earlier models (pre-2007) had 6 stanchions. I would have to get a total length measurement for you, so you can see where it lines up at the back. I would guess the front 5-6 stanchions should fit in the OEM holes.