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    Offshore Bongos Biting Bluefin Boils 07/24/21

    yeah Chris! way to get em Buddy!
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    Offshore A good day on the Bight

    way to get em Sam! congrats
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    Boat Burgers

    Dana Pride and the Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf... a double with bacon and grilled onions... so good when it hits your lips... LOL massive too... Im a pig and I could barely finish...
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    Who else wears sandals on boats ?

    I wear em on the way home usually... cant wait to take boots off... Ive had a pair of Olukai "Ohanas" for a few years... non-skid... they work great...
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    How big!?

    Def right at Cow Class... monster...
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    Seeker Inshore LB 709-T

    appreciate the tips Gents... yeah it looks like it was downwind from someone sprayin... rough white haze only on the back... all good... maybe Ill just leave it... still kills just fine... Sunday carcass...
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    Seeker Inshore LB 709-T

    found this Seeker Inshore at the Swap Meet for a whopping $30!!! I love finding old random gear... it was soooo dirty and crusty you almost couldnt tell what it was... it was in a barrel with old cane poles and such... I did a re-furb on it but it still has some type white over spray on it...
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    Green glass seeker**

    I have one of these blanks as well... with the crazy patterned graphite... was told they also call it "mackerel" pattern? mines a custom wrap... not factory... any history on these? year(s) they made them? rare now? I love mine...
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    Best rod for accurate tern 500

    I fish 80lb braid... 40-50lb leader on mine... Calstar WC6480c 30-60...
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    What's so special about the lil guy?

    Purely Nostalgic...
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    Islands Pacific Islander - San Nicholas Island 7/18

    I think i heard 56 miles from PH? Its far... and once you're there... it is what it is... I hadn't been out there since albacore was a thing... I was on the Vagabond for 3-4 day... and we got 40-50lb Albies... my dad got a weighed 62lber... but it was so Fing rough... the whole time... only time...
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    Islands Pacific Islander - San Nicholas Island 7/18

    Creeps me out bigtime!! The deckhand told him to grab it by the eyes! My kid was squirmin.. he doesn't like Goats to begin with LOL
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    Islands Pacific Islander - San Nicholas Island 7/18

    Yeah thats a goat... it was a crazy brick brown color... gonna be in my belly in about 8 minutes LOL
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    Mixed branded quiver...loyal to fishing not brands

    Nhan Bui is my Boy! Hes rewrapping an old Long Beach 809T for me right now. Thats good on ya Man... I gave up long ago worrying what people thought of my gear... I could care less... if it works for me... and I know how to use it well... all that matters. Trying to instill this in my Son... hes...
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    Islands Pacific Islander - San Nicholas Island 7/18

    wow... very nice!! thats what we were hoping for... we just could NOT get them to go... we had shitty bait and alot of inexperienced anglers pretty sure those were the deciding factor on no hot bite for us...