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    SOLD Torium 16hga

    Howdy is the reel still available
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    For Sale Will Fish TLD50, Seeker 6455XXH - SD

    Hey could u show me more pictures of torium and calstar pls in dm. Ty
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    Condor 9/9 emergency

    lol u fukn douche. guy talks about an emergency on the boat, and hopefully the guy is ok, asking if anybody as info on him or if hes ok... U post a picture of yourself with two fish, call yourself an all star, and say you were on the boat?!? lol hold this fukn L , u fukn douchebag
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    Calcutta 200D (Almost new in box)

    This post is for a Calcutta 200D that is in phenomenal condition and has only been fished about twenty times. Cosmetically 9.5, Mechanically 10. I have moved and now am located in san diego california. Local Pick Up only. Asking for $200!
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    fs trinidad 14a and 16a bnib

    would you be willing to trade for a mint 200D only fished 3 times and $100?
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    Docking a boat in San Diego Reg/Dry Dock

    Seriously though you guys are awesome, i love the BD community. Always helpful info for a newbie like me. Thanks guys!!bieber
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    Docking a boat in San Diego Reg/Dry Dock

    lol well thanks for the info man.!
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    Docking a boat in San Diego Reg/Dry Dock

    Thanks so much for the info! i really appreciate it. I'm going to look into it!
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    Docking a boat in San Diego Reg/Dry Dock

    the boat is a 24 footer. then it would be like $720 a month!??! lol i cant afford that. how about something like 6 months? does anybody know of a place that can dry dock for something close to like 200 a month or 300 at max? please any help would be really appreciated.
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    Docking a boat in San Diego Reg/Dry Dock

    Hello everybody. I wanted to ask you guys who dock your boat in san diego a few things. My friend is planning on bringing his boat down from LA but because of the crazy fishing we've had, he wants to just find a place to dock it somewhere in san diego that doesn't an arm and a leg. I really...
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    1989 Seaswirl needs new shifter cable

    howdy. Thanks for the reply. My omc isn't a cobra but I do know what you're talking about. My outdrive also needs some work but all my cylinders are still good. I don't know too much about boats but am fixing up this beauty. I think that I will need the shifter cables and maybe a couple...
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    1989 Seaswirl needs new shifter cable

    Hello. I haven't posted in a while. I'm a basic newbie to the fishing boat game and have done minimal work on my own boat but had a couple friends help me along the way. Besides work on the outdrive that I have to do I was told that my shifter cable, the outer coating on it was damaged and...
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    You dropped the price how much for the 12-25 pound one. im interested and live in san diego.
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    Hello. I have a Shakespeare Tiger rod. 10 to 50 pound. I have used it strictly for shore fishing about 6 times. It is just too big and heavy for what I want to do. I'm looking for any reasonable light fast or very fast action rod anywhere from 8-15, or around that range. At work but I will put...