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    For Sale OG Swimbait

    Castaic Baby Bass Bait is in excellent condition. I do not think it was fished. Bought from Butch B. $95.00 plus buyer pays USPS Shipping Thanks for looking guys..
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    For Sale REDUCED...Gi Judo

    Will meet in West Ventura county
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    SOLD REDUCED......Calcutta TE GT

    $145.00 plus $4.00 USPS PayPal or meet in Ventura County
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    SOLD REDUCED......Calcutta TE GT

    TE200GT in very nice condition. Very smooth all around. Normal lite surface marks. Missing thumb pad, does not affect reels function. $155.00.......$145.00 plus $4.00 USPS PayPal or meet in vc.
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    For Sale REDUCED....Nitecore SRT3 Defender Flashlight Adjustable Brightness including Red/Blue Flashing Light

    Video shows the adjustable brightness ring including red and blue blinked. Great light Nitecore SRT3 Defender A couple minute ano specs, never carried, in very nice condition. This light is in the very nice Grey color. Comes with Nitecore RCR123A and other accessories. Including AA adaptor...
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    For Sale 50mg spool NIP...Boca Spool Pin Pliers NIP...Boca Bearings NIP

    Chronarch 50mg Spool NIP $85.00 Shipped SOLD.....Boca Spool Pin Pliers NIP Boca Bearings Ceramic New SMR115 C-YZZ #5 LD (2) Available==5x11x4 $8.00 A piece shipped SOLD.........SMR103 C-YZZ #5 LD (4) Available==3x10x4 SMR693C-YZZ #5 LD (2) Available==3x8x4 $8.00 A piece shipped Bearings...