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    Stay tuned...

    Very cool Pat!
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    bean bags. what's the go to.

    I have an ocean tamer. It's been decent but got a tear at a seam a few years ago. I called for warranty and they wanted me to remove all the beads before shipping it to them. I ended up just sewing it up myself... No fucking way I was gonna try to dump all of the little white beads out of that...
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    Freedom is not Free

    Below is an excerpt from a facebook post by my brother who served in the US Air Force for 20 years. I can't help but be moved by his story. Those of us who haven't served, owe a debt to those who gave all and their families. As with every Memorial Day, there’s always a slow part of the day...
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    Additional Halibut Days???

    Meeting is June 2 to decide.
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    Stay tuned...

    very cool Pat. I'm excited to see the finished boat.
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    Discovery bay pot puller fyi

    Too bad about the ACE issues. I've had one for 13 years, still going strong.
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    Halibut rod for electric reels

    I just built a couple of Thrasher HTR 60's for this. I'm happy with them... good backbone and enough sensitivity in the tip to tell what's going on down there. Here's a pic of one of them doing work.
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    Saltwater Prawns 2021

    I know that spot. Prawns were plentiful. Plus a bonus octopus.
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    Saltwater Nut slapped

    We use a boning hook to dehook the fish when they come aboard. He's using that to hold it up. You're seeing the handle.
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    Saltwater Nut slapped

    Fishing was good on Sunday. Limits of lings and halibut. Christopher's been catching halibut since he was 5 but this is his first over 50lbs so a bit of a ball slap was in order I guess.
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    Tanacom Recommendation

    750, 65lb braid.
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    Plastic or brass?

    If you want to replace it in 20 or 30 years, go plastic, otherwise go with bronze or stainless.
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    Tanacom Tip #3

    these tips are great. thanks!!!