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    Rockcod Opener Enterprise 3/1/21

    wonder if they will let me bring my electric reel
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    Pacific Halibut season poll

    I am now since I caught first one last week and let it go since it was out of season. Really could not find any regulations in FG other than season closed.
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    March 12th weekend

    I live in Monterey and am visiting my son that live near Dana point. I fish for anything from Blue fin to sandabs, what ever is running. Have zero experience fishing southern Ca. and will either jump on party boat or private if opening. I have a 24' defiance that has gone everywhere but south. I...
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    2021 Abalone

    Price for abalone shells just went up.
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    3D Printed Crankbait

    Looks good to me, coat of clear coat epoxy and fish have no chance
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    Run to the Farallons for rockfish and crabbing!

    They used to commercial ab dive there to, they deserve metals. Been over 35 years since i been there. Limits were 5 each I think, really deep water to but not sure. I just let alot of line out till it stopped. Needed 3lb weight. Over 6 fish in the 40lb size landed on the boat My average was...
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    supercharged cedar plug

    How can they pass this one up? Good luck shaking double hooks
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    painting old jigs

    Another repaint, Still learning myself. These are all water base paints, my booth is a cardboard box. The 2 part clear coat is painted on and does not have any smell to it at all. Takes 24 hours to cure though.
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    Removing Paint off Jigs

    I just did these, cedar plugs and lures that were very wore out. I am adding a hook in middle of cedar to to complete them. Cheap airbrush and 2 part clear coat. I have 30 years of old lures to do in my retirement. I just rough sanded them and primed them for paint
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    Garmin EchoMap Sideview/ClearVu in deep H20

    even thought of a trim tab that you could mount it on. Just a peace of plywood on a hinge and lower it when needed raise when done, but lot of speculation.
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    Garmin EchoMap Sideview/ClearVu in deep H20

    there are no settings to reduce side scan noise on transom mount that I found helped. To much turbulence from boat and prop. I spent alot of time trying everything, calling support, adding the transducer to other side. I think you are stuck at slow speeds. I even thought about a rod that would...
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    Garmin EchoMap Sideview/ClearVu in deep H20

    I have a thru hull transducer on my garmin 7610 that shows everything at running speeds. Makes huge difference. Had hummingbird sidescan that was mounted on transom that would only give good shot at slow speeds, even added another transducer on other side to reduce turbulence. Helped but voted...
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    BoatUS/Vessel assist good option for SF Bay and Monterey?

    believe they are only choice, not sure of any other company doing it. If you don't have it and you are not in imminent danger coast guard will refer you to boat usa, Charges can be in the thousands depending where you are from there home port of Santa cruz.
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    300 suzuki compare to 300 yamaha

    ALso check what you do when you change oil or even check it. If you run it then drain and don't tilt and drain to that oil will add to pan. also make sure engine level and same each time you check. Makes a difference. I went thru this on my break in(200hp yamah)and over thought it. Unless water...
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    Bolinas crab spots

    crab hiding in mud to stay home