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    1990 Shamrock Mackinaw

    For what it’s worth… I’m very happy with the boat’s big brother, the mackinaw 270, shamrock had some very seaworthy hulls.
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    Just Noticed....

    That’s some funny shit...
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    Fishing sunglasses

    Turn your finder 90 degrees
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    Stay tuned...

    Glass those two scallops up and you’ll have some bitchin skimboards.
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    Saltwater Kicker on 30+ft

    More derail.... You’ve got enough into your boat, I’d spend the extra 150 for the Victron smartshunt, then you can know for sure the net amp state of your batteries... if you want to splurge, also do the cerbo then you can network that data with your mfd, else you have to use your phone. On...
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    Which forecast do you rely on?

    Bumping this... this is heavy weather nerd stuff... but the more you know... haven’t seen LuckGrib mentioned yet, but basically has accesses to GRIB files from just about every weather model in existence, with an interface better than any of the other mentioned apps. For wind our area short...
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    Stay tuned...

    I like the idea of twin straight shaft diesels on this boat... the way the politics in this state are, who knows what the future of gas will be, red diesel will never go away.
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    Which forecast do you rely on?

    Nerd alert...
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    Auto Pilot install Woes

    The money I saved goes right in a charter captains pocket...
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    Auto Pilot install Woes

    If you get as far as getting the compensator line run, your next hurdle will be correctly purging air from the system and compensator line, run a temporary long hose from the ram fittings back to a reservoir to fill at the helm. Open and close the ram nuts turn the helm/cycle the autopilot (per...
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    Is the WA Classifieds Issue Fixed

    Only a Cali would think Northwest was 2 words
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    Saltwater Couple questions. 1 electrical, the other bait tank.

    You can always just go full add a panel... it’s nice to be able to know you can pull all riggers at max current at once without a voltage drop.
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    Garmin Rep? Electronics build

    Here’s a tip, use label maker for the labels then cover in clear heat shrink.
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    Puget Sound from Shore

    I hear sculpin holds up real well if you can get it to seal without the spines puncturing the bag.
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    Ocean 2021

    Anyone have a link to the latest list of agreed fisheries?