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    For Sale 2004 26' Blackman $25,900.00

    I'm not sure when it went aground or where. This boat belongs to a friend who is always out of town because of his job. I will see if I can get photos today. The video was done by a yacht broker in San Clemente and his number comes up at the end. I would guess he would have more info than I do.
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    For Sale 2004 26' Blackman $25,900.00

    No time to finish fixing up. This boat went up on the beach (sand) and was damaged. Can be fixed and turned back into a very nice sport boat Dual axle trailer with 2 new axles. 6 cyl diesel with dual prop out drive. Bait tank, Nice Radar arch w/Radar. outriggers.V berth as well as sink table and...
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    Constitution is changing hands

    Hi Guys Now I know how White House leaks get started......they are all strategically planned where this one wasn't Darryl has been with us since December of last year and he is indeed buying the Constitution. I will remain as captain and hold a small interest in the boat for a while. I had...
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    Constitution is a go for July 2nd-4th AM 1.5 day

    We are out of here tonight by 8 or earlier still have 6 spots available $235 includes meals Already loaded the steaks and groceries, will bait up early so we can clear the point early Be on the Constitution on the 4th of July Call Joe at 951 660 4130
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    Bluefin on the Constitution

    The weather report on Friday afternoon sounded like a line from the movie Jurassic Park..."Hold on to your butts" We cleared the point at 8:45 with plenty of good bait on top and 2 slammers full. We woke up before grey at 90 miles and put out the feathers. Went East and found a 1 degree temp...
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    Constitution and the Todos Santos closure

    Just a quick note. I have heard second hand that Ken Franke has been looking for any documentation on the "line" and has not found it. is there by precedent and has been acknowledged by many in years past. I have made my apologies and I am not going to wrap mysel in anchor chain...
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    Constitution and the Todos Santos closure the words of George Bush....."BRING IT ON" We'll set it on the back deck at day at the docks....I get first crack at it. Any way to bet on that thing? Joe
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    Constitution and the Todos Santos closure

    Hey guys…..this is the “Real” scoop of what happened to us on the Constitution, ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:date>04/08/10 off of <st1:City><st1:place>Ensenada</st1:place></st1:City>. First of all, we were NOT asked or ordered to...
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    How will this El Nino affect San Diego sport fishing?

    I can't beleive I forgot the Red Crabs. Thanks for reminding me
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    How will this El Nino affect San Diego sport fishing?

    I am sitting on my patio in beautiful weather, sunny and warm, not a breath of wind ....and I just cancelled tonights trip. #[email protected]%^&( The forecast this AM is 180 degrees from last night and I know the latest one is right. This is what I remember about El Nino. My first E.N. as a commercial...
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    Constitution Ling-osaurus

    What makes that Ling special is he was a "hitch hiker" He wasn't even hooked.....he would not let go of another fish he was trying to eat until we gaffed him.....I thought I had an eating disorder
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    Constitution boarded by Mexican Navy

    I meant to get this posted earlier but.......oh well. On Saturday 01/16/10 we were boarded by the Mexican Navy. We were within the EEZ and they had the right to do so. As soon as the inspector came on he assured me that he would be as brief as possible so as to not take away any of our fishing...
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    Constitution 1.5 day to Colnet, 12 18 09

    This trip is a go, there are 8 spots left. $235 includes meals and permits Mention BD and boat will pay permit...$15 Leaves H&M at 7 PM, We want to be on the high spot at day break for the Yellowtail. Great weather forecast, Light load, plenty of room Call Joe at 951 660 4130
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    Last Minute on the Constitution 6 Day

    Give me your bosses's name and phone # and retirement/unemployment could be closer than you think. Sorry you can't make it...guys like you keep it interesting in a good way. This glich with G-Lupe is a real drag BUT... I would rather fish the big Yellows at Cedros anyway. Joe