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    Single vs Twins

    Well, the U.S. Navy insist most their planes are two engine planes, one engine goes down, you can limp home on another. However, twice the engines is twice the maintenance, the money, and the weight. Also twice something can go wrong. However, limping home on one engine on plane, is better...
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    Let's talk shrimp pots

    I think it is obvious at this point.....the bigger the pot, the more bait it can hold, the larger your take. Are bigger pots, that take up more space worth it, life comes down to cost/benefit analysis???????? That's up to said shrimper. This done?
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    Pretty stoked

    Yeah feed is everything, sage fed mulies in rut, no thanks. My first buck was a sage mulie, and thought to myself, why the hell am I killing these things as they taste like shit. Then I had some grain fed white-tails. Where I hunt on the Palouse there are equal mulies/wtails. They both feed...
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    Let's talk shrimp pots

    Age old or fishability. With one day seasons, run the biggest pot you got and get out of that shit show. With usually 5-6 people on board we get limits in 3-4 pulls. Yeah they take up some space, but they catch a shit-load of shrimp.
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    Pretty stoked

    Looking at their necks, and seem to be a bit swollen. I think their in the rut right now. Which is/was good news for you. Women make you do stupid get shot and die. Great timing and another great shot....650?? Wow, very impressive.
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    Pretty stoked

    Kinda like Eastern Washington in the small towns. You break down and the FIRST person will stop, not ZERO people. It's refreshing and reminds me to not lose faith in man-kind. Dandy buck, nice job.....and nice shot.
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    Crab cooker Coleman stove

    Actually, I'll buy it for 20 bucks......even though I have both of those....sold
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    Crab cooker Coleman stove

    Shit, that's one helluva a deal Siv. Easily worth triple... These will be gone tonight...
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    It’s a little chilly

    I used to hunt the Northport area. Lot's of game up there. But, wow, it does get cold up there. Especially when you get a Nor' easter blowing through. Are you close to that? Goodluck
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    Squiddin’ in Tacompton

    In addition to Garrett's advice, it can be very productive if you daisy chain your squid jigs. About 2-3' apart. Once your on the squid, you'll get doubles or triples. Hell, you can get doubles on one jig if you're on the squid....I would suggest giving it a shot, It's fun, and easy, when you...
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    Columbia River Crabbing

    Happens to the best, just one or two seconds of distraction, then SHIT, Houston we have a problem...embarrassing...completely, but shit happens Great crabbing my digit viced once. Just a few years ago. Up at Orcas we were piling a bunch of crab in a cooler. I asked my wife how...
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    Anybody Know What's Up With The Charterboat "Rampage"

    For those of us that don't know you and would rather have a small charter than a party boat, where do you run out of, and specialize in?? Thanks
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    Survey says....

    Depends on how much line, need at least 325' of leaded line...minimum Also, buoy's, would be nice to have a 10-12" red, poly tag buoy with the yellows. Also would be nice to add some weights, but now we're getting expensive... Hope they're big-ass pots.
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    FRESH ONE!!!!

    She's beautiful, congrats. She has salt running through her veins. Some great news in a bad period of crap....awesome, you should be proud.
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    Boat Cover Help

    Just make sure the cuddy/cabin has some type of moisture absorber, it can get ugly in those cuddies if not.....