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    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    So sorry Lal. Prayers sent your way brother-
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    Dana point bonito and lobster 10/29

    Or, Soak a salt water towel and cover the bugs in your cooler overnight to keep them alive just in time for the cooking next day.
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    Shogun Surf Trips

    Very true. It could be a start to a new industry of uncrowded Boat/ surfing trips maybe? Another island Ive surfed was Todos Santos Island. I caught a panga out of San Miguel in the 1970's. It was fun and uncrowded...
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    Shogun Surf Trips

    As a kid, I got to surf Catalina's backside and found Ben Weston in January to be awesome. (We did stay at Little Harbor, camp, then hike to Ben Weston) I could see some local trips to be of interest to open party boat trips dedicated to this to help offset boat payments? (-surf shops could help...
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    Surfing News

    Anyone know if the Oceanside surf pool construction off of Highway 76 is still a GO?
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    Time to sell California to Mexico

    Nevermind...I see that this thread has finally been moved to- No nonsense anything board. Thanks and lets keep politics OUT of fish reports?
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    Time to sell California to Mexico

    Really??? This is a fishing report. ________ Put this political bullshit in its own forum... Why not create these: -RED STATE WHINERS -BLUE STATE WHINERS SO ALL OF YOU WHINERS CAN BITCH AT EACH OTHER-and keep politics out of the fish reports...Follow the rules established. C'mon moderators do...
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    Bluefin in the Bay???

    Yeah, In the 70's the Bluefin would run up the through the Redondo Canyon chasing bait mixed in with the Bonito about 200 yards from the Redondo Harbor entrance. GOOD TIMES...
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    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    I heard that Evinrude closed their doors?
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    Good Job CA Dept Fish and Wildlife!