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    Islands 9/5 Endeavor San Miguel

    It sure does put in work.
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    Islands 9/5 Endeavor San Miguel

    Tucker runs a great boat and Crew!
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    Islands 9/5 Endeavor San Miguel

    You know it, Ling tacos….so damn good!
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    Islands 9/5 Endeavor San Miguel

    Didn’t make squid and no sardines and no straggler WSB, No Halibut either. I don’t bait fish, went 4for4 on the lings using various jigs and Plastics, don’t care much for the rest of the rock fish so I was pretty happy about bringing two lings home and 4 fat reds. Fishing with a Great group of...
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    Islands Endeavor 8/22 open party

    Basically what we loaded up on. No luck on any of the other game fish. Done by noon.
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    San Clemente pier

    Thanks for the info guys .
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    San Clemente pier

    Awesome! Was just there, my wife loves shopping downtown boutiques, we live inland so was thinking of air bnb one night so she can go shop and I’ll just pier fish. Didn’t see any action talked to one guys but not much to report. Was thinking a mid week trip to get away from the weekend crowd.
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    San Clemente pier

    Has there been and Thresher shark action on this pier ?
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    Going over board while sleep walking 😴

    Dang, so lucky! Glad to hear it ended positive.
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    Islands 6/1 Limits of WSB - Endeavor

    Captain Tucker put in work and got us on the Bite yesterday. Fresh dead squid was the ticket, we tried making bait but were unsuccessful. After I had one in the boat at 6am, I worked the Pearl ZMan StreakZ 8” fluke to try and get a 👻 to bite or a Hali and no love from either, but the cuda we’re...
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    Offshore One cast salvaged the day 5/4

    Nice Yellow right there! 👍
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    Added some new grips

    Amazon, super cheap.
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    Added some new grips

    Added some life to my rods. Love red and this heat shrink stuff is awesome. It also makes it a whole lot easier to look at the rack on a boat and instantly spot them. 😎
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    Inshore Eds Jigs, Saltwater gulp, Lings and things

    Nice! Love bottom fishing with plastics and jigs! Interested in what those Ed’s jigs look like…also where can I buy one ? Always like fishing new stuff.