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    Select Fire 10/22 80% w/extended rail, jig and mill tool kit $175

    The receiver is new anodized black with extended rail. 80% 10/22 $130 Jig $29 Mill tool kit $41...
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    Waterfowl hunting in SoCal from a layout boat?

    Soo... after a year of considering building one I have started. I've decided to add a 6.5 HP mud motor that has been tricked out to 11 HP. I have to admit doing so has made starting the motor a challenge. I may have to buy another motor and only include bolt-on upgrades. At full throttle I get...
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    Glock Store input

    I did some stipple work for someone who purchased a glockstore recoil spring which failed. When they attempted to have it corrected glockstore gave them a run around.
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    Need help with an air rifle

    I agree with Chuck. Buy him a BB gun he can cycle and learn to handle responsibly. Buy yourself a more capable pellet gun so when the opportunity arises you are equipped. I own the Ruger Airhawk which shoots pellets at 1200 fps. A well placed shot collapses cotton tails. For the record my pellet...
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    Howa 1500 Mountain Rifle 25-06, IE, No Shipping

    Make: Howa Model: 1500 Stainless Steel Caliber: 25-06 Location (city or county): IE, Riverside Price: $550 Will ship (Y/N): N Other info: Great cartridge for medium sized game with minimal recoil and awesome ballistics. This rifle is the SS platform with a beautiful laminate stock (just...
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    Nikon Buckmaster APG 3x9x40 with matching 1-piece rings mount APG

    Hmm.. Apparently I am not smart enough to figure out how to reconfigure the layout. $200 FTF for all of the above
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    Nikon Buckmaster APG 3x9x40 with matching 1-piece rings mount APG

    I have a brand new Nikon Buckmaster 3x9x40 APG scope (Nikon Duplex) with matching APG 1-piece rings. This scope is a $218 scope, but after much trying and experimenting does not have sufficient eye relief on my rifle. Rather than dumping more $$$ finding a picatinny rail and having it hydro...
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    Ruger 10/22 Action

    Incorrect! I find used bolts starting at $35 on ebay all the way up to match grade big name bolts for $220. But a modest match grade bolt will run $100.
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    Sea Striker SS448 Gaff *used* Looking to trade forfishing neck gaiter or $15

    I have a used gaff in OK condition (I ran over the end of the handle backing out of the driveway once while I was staging gear prior to trip). Please see attached pics. Gaff is in very serviceable and can probably be fixed if your picky, but it never bothered me. I'm hoping to trade for a...
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    Frog Gigging?

    Anyone tried frog gigging in SoCal? If so where? I'm thinking of taking my layout blind out, but with the exception of Corona Lake I don't know where they even allow boats at night. I guess Lake Hodges would be a good spot. Please post your input.
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    For Sale One USED LARGE ProMar Sand Crab Rake

    I sent PM, call me if interested. I have a slurp gun and I'm heading to LAX this morning.
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    Waterfowl hunting in SoCal from a layout boat?

    Where do I buy a ticket to ride the airboat? Seriously!
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    Waterfowl hunting in SoCal from a layout boat?

    Perfect these were what I was talking about.