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    Show me your BASS...

    7lb/ Cedros
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    For Sale 7.0 OZ Large crocodiles

    Thanks !! Crazy thing is 15-20 min earlier i got a 40 lb wsb , then I got the other (70lb on the scale ). Both on 7oz Krocs
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    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    This past Sunday while driving to my buddies place in TJ to pick him up for our Punta Banda trip I got pulled over for speeding in downtown TJ. Three cop cars with lights flashing Cop asks why I'm in a hurry , I tell him I have a panga to catch in Ensenada and I'm running a bit late. He...
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    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    Fucking Stan !!! I can hear him laughing as I type.
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    Penn Carnage 800m

    Where in SD are u located ?
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    It's been a while... Bocana anyone?

    Pretty uneventful 14 hr drive to / from. Fishing was slower than expected. 2 days of fishing = 4 schoolie size yft , rat yt and dodos . Got a few Sierra , calicos, sandies etc. Our pangero Kiki tried hard. Had s good time regardless. Met Juanchy on the beach , had some cold ones with...
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    It's been a while... Bocana anyone?

    Heading to LB on Fri morning , will post report when we get back Wish us luck. Saludos
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    krocodile jigs ?

    Sure is, actually got a 40lb wsb about 20-30 min before that one .
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    krocodile jigs ?

    X2 on Squidco. I used the 7oz last yr in SQ and caught a PB wsb. ( 70lb)Good luck and post a report
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    El Socorro

    Agree!!!! Bummed we didn't get a chance to fish that area. On a side note Fernando's nephew was one of our panga captains , good kid. Hoping to fish Socorro soon .
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    El Socorro

    Island, wanted to fish sac reef but issues between pangeros kept us from fishing that area. We did see quite a bit of crabs
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    El Socorro

    Just fished Geronimo (2 days)last wk with some buddies, not wfo but did catch a few decent checkerboards . Chased birds on the way out for no love . Good luck and post a report