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  • Vertical Knife jigging, surface poppers, surface jigs, swimbait fisherman. Saltwater and freshwater fishing buddy
    I'll take the saltiest reel. I have the cash. I can't drive to bass pro because I work today. I can meet you in lake Elsinore? Mike 760-201-6773
    We just won the San Carlos Yellowtail tournament. No bait what so ever, no trolling. Thanks Fernando, Walter, Craig
    Hello sir,

    Rick here from that other forum "hookup sportfishing" anyways sir I hope all is well. I wanted to send an invite to fish the condor on the 27-28 of September, some of the guys from a hunting forum chartered it for 30 people and still have a few spots open. I thought of you and walt . the cost is 225 per person.


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    Thanks Rick, I saw this too late
    Since I am addicted to have book lol
    Next time bro
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