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    Caught my Personal Best Salmon 37" 32lb king salmon off Muir Beach!

    Nice job. They'd call that one a "tyee" up north.
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    Wow. Darwin Award material, right there.
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    Seeing Ghosts on The Mirage 7/27

    I don't know what it is about that boat, but the Mirage has been one of the best sport boats to fish WSB on for a lot of years now. Just super fishy. Good for you, being on the right boat at the right time!
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    Grunion at so cal beaches report?

    Update - grilled 'em up over a VERY hot chunk charcoal fire. First time I've had them. Me and my daughter both loved them. Very white flesh, had expected them to be more like sardines (which I also enjoy). My wife prefers her fish not to look so much like a fish by the time it gets to her...
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    Grunion at so cal beaches report?

    I hit a local beach in my area last night, which was the second night of a new moon run. The fish were there, but not in huge numbers. Some waves brought dozens into flashlight range, interspersed with waves that were empty, at least in the area of the beach that I was on. Grabbed a couple...
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    Proper tipping

    My rule of thumb is that the guys on the boat work a helluva lot harder for their money than I do. Sport fishing is a luxury, not a necessity. Tip generously if you're able to, especially these days. Tough times for those guys.
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    More of a biology question

    If populations of fish had become isolated millions of years ago, there would be unique species and subspecies of rockfish, calicos, etc. all endemic to the islands. There aren't. Fish swim. A lot, in some cases.
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    Had and hour and a half in Panama City Beach, FL... made it happen!

    Yes, it does. Looks like you had fun!
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    Southshore launch ramp 7/3 who is this cool kid?

    Misunderstood what was involved in a "drag race".
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    Options When Outboard Won't Start

    Another obvious one is make sure you're in neutral. Inshore, set your anchor to give yourself one less thing to think about while you troubleshoot. Offshore, if you're on a drift near other boats, hail them and let them know you don't have power to maneuver. Depending on sea state and how...
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    Izors and a Swordie!

    Methinks that wouldn't have a happy ending for whoever shot him. Those things don't f'k around.
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    6/21/2020 Horseshoe and Izors report - with underwater footage

    That was a metric shit-ton of calicos! Awesome to see!
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    Channel Islands 6/20

    There are some big bastards out there, along with a lot of structure. A couple of years ago, I was on the Aloha Spirit with my regular charter group. The yellows were slurping up macks the size of your forearm on 40, 50, and 60, and there was a still a high casualty rate. There was a lot...
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    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    If you have a sous vide machine, use that to do olive-oil poached tuna. Incredible warm, or use cold for tuna salad, salad nicoise, etc. It's like the most luxurious oil-packed canned tuna you can imagine - soft, rich, and seasoned to your taste. I use a bit of lemon zest, salt, and pepper in...