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    Crowley....update report

    Very informative & inspirational report! Happy to see you got on some fish using tactics learned on & off the water. Nice looking trout!
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    Mammoth trip prep....and misc ties.

    Just finished reading the S.Drifters report & sure enough the damsel fly hatch is active along with plenty of feeding activity for the perch fry happening close to the aqua weed lines. I've used a full sink RIO line on a SAGE VT2 6wt tugging two small olive D.R seal buggers tied onto a 4X flouro...
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    Mammoth trip prep....and misc ties.

    Nice looking flies! A damsel fly imitator along the weed lines along with a perch fry streamer has consistently been successful for the 'biggies' in the early summer @ Crowley.
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    CE900 Wahoo for ME!

    Nice color combo! What guide set did you use on your build?