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    stealing fish from freezers ?

    Damn, that is terrible news!
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    stealing fish from freezers ?

    Talk to Ruben, he will put an end to that real fast
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    Cryptocurrency Bubble or here to stay?

    i get all my stock and crypto advice from bloodydecks
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    Ill take the jx if you will ship
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    Nor Cal Season Rolls Along

    check your PM's and website messages. Thanks
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    Nor Cal Season Rolls Along

    How do I book a hunt?
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    Cedros 2021

    $1900 is the lowest I will go. Ill just eat it for anything cheaper.
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    Cedros 2021

    Trip was cancelled due to Covid and was rescheduled for Sept 4th 2021 around that date. Premium guide for 4 days for 1 person. Cedros Island Adventures does not give refunds so I am stuck with this trip and I have no desire to go. I paid $2250 for 4 days fishing and lodging for 1 person. You...
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    Seward 9/12

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    Dead lobos in South-Central Baja

    What a tragedy
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    Canadian border closure extended