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    Sustainability of Calico Bass Fishing

    Take a nap dude.:smoking33:
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    Blackman vs. Crystaliner

    Keep liquidating....
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    Go fishing.

    Go fishing.
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    A Happy Passover!

    Rock on my Hebros!
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    Mag Bay Yachts

    Rock on Barrett!!!! The new BD boat?
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    River jetties

    Tried again this A.M..... Lots of birds working, just out of casting distance. Carolina rig on a 2ft. leader with camo worms. Better day with 5 bsp! No sandcrabs anywhere.
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    First WSB ever...4/7 Catalina

    BS w/o pics:D. J/K Congrats!!!!
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    Help with Blank selection

    Check out Cousins rods....
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    1980 248 Wellcraft sportman $6000

    Outdrive/hours/electronics/motor/trim tabs.?... Might help.
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    Hand Wrappers

    Pretty easy to build one. And cheap.
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    2015 39 Yellowfin

    Only two things come from Texas.
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    River jetties

    Not much to report... 7am till about 11:30. Two little bsp on the Carolina rig. 2in. smoke/red flake grubs on short 4lb. flouro leader and 1/2oz lead. Current is ripping! Was hoping the delay on the dredging would help. Not. Oh well... tried the lucky craft for a bit, but to windy.