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    For Sale Done fin delete

    I’ll take it ......
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    For Sale ONCE FIRED BRASS....

    ALL SOLD DRH, Saturday at 7:32 AM Edit Report Views: 73 #1
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    A friend is selling a Ton of once fired brass, is there any interest here? Here is the list: 375 Rugar-20rounds 338 win mag-260rns 300wsm-142 3006-220 308-100 7x57-160 270-220 6.5 creedmore-140 25-06-120 243-260 $450 for all.
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    thanks i will look..
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    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    I have given up my mag rifles for elk and will now harvest with a 308 shooting a 165 gr copper bullet. I prefer the Pride Fowler 1x6 ranging scope.... hone your hunting skills and up your range time a well placed shot is the Answer to a fast killing harvest....!
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    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    kinda late to post,but, i have a Kimber that shoots less than an inch, light weight and less recall...
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    Does any one know of a store that handles STEEL shot gun ammo-16ga and 28ga.....? for quail??
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    SOLD Lexa HD 5.1

    is the reel still available?
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    For Sale Radio and Gps

    i have 2 Garmin RINO’s a 120 & 530HCx and a Garmin GPS eTrex venture. 120=$125, eTrex= $85. Anyone interested Text me at 661-803711two
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    reel of choice

    I have used a Calcutta 300 or 250 for bass(etc) on my 800xl 15 and 12 lb line. a saltiga 15 or trn12 for 20lb on the 800xlh. hope that helps