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  • These are the lefty reels Chris got for me in the past 18 months.
    HX Raptor with the power handle (Optional)
    MX Raptor, Metaloid 5iiN. Metaloid 12ii and an Accurate Fury 600Nii. I also picked up an Andros 5iiN which only comes rigthy. He had that in stock and got here real fast. Great deals on rods as well! I purchased from Chris Phenix M1 7'7"MH, Axis 720H and 720XH as well as an Accurate BX7040C.
    Call Chris @ pelagic outfitters - 631-225-8862. It may take time for it to be shipped. They have to order them. They have supplied me with lefties from Accurate, Avet and Okuma. They fill with Jerry Brown for mine but they have others and no tax.
    Hey thanks for the info, that is a huge help. I had gone all over the place and heard everything from oh yeah its in their catalog but they haven't manufactured any yet....to, on they only make them in batches and we could order you one but it could take months depending on when they make the next batches. I had pretty much just given up. Again, appreciate the info.
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