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    Captain’s license courses

    The maritime institute in San Diego is the best. The class I attended had people from all over the US that were attending. The classes were 8 hours a day for two weeks! They teach you to know the material. The homework is the most important your homework and you’ll pass!
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    Lobster season coming up-ready?

    Yep everyone stay home!
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    Weak tell tale after impeller change

    Run an impeller dry for a short time and you’ll fry em.
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    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    Was bumpy out there. That wind was howl. We only found 1 kelp that had biting baby yt, the other 50 were not holding! Seems like ya need to get into that deep blue water before ya find the dodo. We were a couple miles away from it. Congrats on getting that spear and finding the dodo. Think the...
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    Full speed yellowfin and dorado 9/4

    Nice work! the ocean looks lake like!
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    Yamaha fuel consumption

    Interesting question....that all depends on what your putting it behind and how much stuff you have onboard.
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    Reel Hard 8/29/2020.....Dodo

    You getting married in the cockpit of a boat?
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    8/30 Dodos and Dales

    Awesome! Great pictures! the ocean looks nice and calm!
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    Reel Hard 8/29/2020.....Dodo

    We were 18.5 miles from the point. The lucky kelp on the way home!
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    Reel Hard 8/29/2020.....Dodo

    The plan was to get to the boat at 4 then head to the ramp...the plan rockfish then offshore looking for kelps. Everything went as planned. After 4 drifts we had limits of bottom dwellers. Some big vermillion in the mix. Now off to search for kelps. The first kelp we find produces very very...
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    Islands 8/19/20

    Them reds do taste great!
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    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    And last night was grilled yellowtail and some zucchini done on the BBQ.
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    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    Well you know exactly how the taco was put together.
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    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    Nice work!...looks like I know where not to go this weekend.
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    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    Well my picture taking...did not include everything we had..there was a freshly made white sauce and home made mex rice. The yellowtail tacos were epic. Also a first for deep fried YT but we needed it to feed the neighbors in the driveway (just like a restaurant now a days)!