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    Spinning reel??

    i wish they put a bait runner on a Stella ? Dude... Really
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    THE BEAST Surf Rig !!!!

    More picture of the vapor girl Both very nice man do you need 4x4?
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    RED Shimano terez rod

    I got white instead plus white braid for my Stella swb 8k
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    RED Shimano terez rod

    It's a sweet rod especially the slick butt version in red! Supposed they discontinued the color but you might want to try west marine they might have some unsold somewhere... I've met a person on the jetty with a red model but a waxwing spec with a cork grip and he was asking 200 I told him nvm
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    Trout rod. Kencor pac 73

    hey I have a Kencor pac 73 forsale I'm asking $160
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    No lobster is worth your life

    It's my own opinion...
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    No lobster is worth your life

    You would think the second person wouldn't leave the 60y/o... Only he care for himself and swam to shore ?? I would differently think I'm at fault for doing so. Once you leave someone behind its over with
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    WANTED shimano jig bag

    Can make it yourself
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    Wide Open Blue Fin Bite on the Ski!!!

    Wow I want a sea motorcycle now
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    Daiwa Luna vs Shimano Calcutta D

    i like the 400d because I have a good grip on it because it fits my palm perfectly and it's tough built for sure and even has the level winder that I like... I don't like low profile reels but I never had the urge for one anyways.
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    Kencor pac 73 trout setup

    Ok I'll update with pictures in the morning
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    Kencor pac 73 trout setup

    $200 3 piece Kencor 7ft long With shimano Sahara 750 reel "rare". 9095628802 pick up in Fontana