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    New Classifieds Section

    Ahh...But...BUT...May 2003!!! LOL!
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    New Classifieds Section

    Looks like most of your messages are "blowhard" messages PapaJ. 6k messages and less than 1k thumbs up....typically shows who's messages are actual "contributions" or just some guy being a blowhard
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    New Classifieds Section

    I dont mind the layout...The rest just seems clunky and difficult...Not sure why you change it...seemed to be flourishing the way it was!
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    10 Foot Seeker Baby Ulua Rod

    I see about 45+ reply's to this post coming...Watch Thread - ☑
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    Tsunami Saltx or Airwave Elite 2-Piece Surf Rod (or similar)

    @Team Liquid Appreciate the message! But I'll pass for now.
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    Tsunami Saltx or Airwave Elite 2-Piece Surf Rod (or similar)

    TTT Anyone know if Day at the Docks is a go for sure yet??
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    Tuna popping reel

    Black Hole Nano...I use spinning gear now but the conventional rod with an Avet HXJ was what I used in past.
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    Never heard of these BUT I just saw one online for sale for $10k...WOWZAS
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    Seeker, Avet, Accurate 805-231-0815

    Hey Jerry...Have any interest in trading the torium for a JX 6/3 about 4 season old? 9/10 condition...if so I'll send pics..if not have a great week!!
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    UC, Seeker, Cousins, FS, Phenix, Calstar

    Love me some newbie old post rejuvinations
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    08 Mercedes CLK Convertible Top/seat backs REPAIR QUESTION

    Anyone in here know how to unlock the backseat backs/headrest when stuck in upward position? Ive watched the videos but just cant seem to get it. Willing to pay for time. I'm in OC almost all the time. Mercedes service gonna whack me $200 for it...I'd rather pay someone straight for their...
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    Food recs for offshore

    Massive Tri Tip grilled night before, cheese blend and salsa...Tacos
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    Tsunami Saltx or Airwave Elite 2-Piece Surf Rod (or similar)

    Happy Friday all. Traveling South for a week in June for the 1st Annual East Cape B***h's and B***h's Tour...Need a surf rod for one of the B's. Interested in other ideas if you have any but I think these are my main focus. 10' or less. Im in OC but very mobile. Face to face preferred but...
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    Gyro holders

    I prefer a toasted wheat pita...pairs well with the Tzatziki