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    Kicker height

    It does not mater as long as the prop stays in the water when using it and that you can get it out of the water when running with the main.
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    Cell Phone 5G could impact your GPS

    From what I have read is that 5G only transmits short distances which is the reason that it needs cell sites every couple of blocks. Based on the above, I don't think our So Cal waters will be affected much. I do see a problem for the East coast ICW.
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    Captain charged with Manslaughter

    If it can be shown that the owners knew or should have known that the captain was acting in a way that was likely to cause death or injury then the owners could be found to be criminally negligent.
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    Captain charged with Manslaughter

    Not true.
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    Captain charged with Manslaughter

    Not over yet. They may still be charged.
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    Davies launch trailer stolen

    Can you provide a URL for the lo pro gps pucks. Thanks
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    Marine surveyor recommendation

    Why not ask the insurer for a recommendation. That is what I did (BoatUS) and they sent me a list.
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    1974 homemade boat

    When I built the Done Deal, all penetration's were drilled oversize, coated with neat epoxy and then filled with thickened epoxy. When cured the final sized hole was drilled through solid cured epoxy.
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    1974 homemade boat

    I think what you need to do 1st is determine why the transom keeps needing replacement.
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    San Perdo Tide Pool Poachers

    The correct statement as I heard it is: If its back faces heaven it is edible. It basically means anything is edible.
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    Dive boat conception investigation

    A finding of accidental does not imply or negate gross negligence on the part of the boat owner or crew. Also from some research I did on another matter, it appears that death by carbon monoxide poisoning is painful. The research was for methods to dispatch pests in California and carbon...
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    Gordy Bateman – An Angling Adventurer

    Had a number of great trips on the Fighting Lady. The Batemans were always fun to fish with.
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    WTB Sea Squirt Help.

    Had a 1980 16.5" Sea Squirt for 10 years. Great bay boat and just the right size for towing down Baja. Great for 2 but I think 3 would crowd it.
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    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Most on this forum are likely not old enough to remember DR ROSS DOG FOOD. The prime ingredient was California Sea Lion. The company purchased animals that were by-catch from the many commercial fishing enterprises that were based in San Pedro in the 50s and 60s as well as they had their own...