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    Tranx 200hg

    Anyone have one that they’re looking to get rid of?
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    30 to 35 gallon bait tank

    Any one have a 30 gallon bait tank for sale? Lmk thanks
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    Which rod for a tranx 500hg

    Calstar 90j gg or phenix 909xhj
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    Calstar WCDH 90J-C

    Anyone have one forsale let me know Cal-Star West Coast Series WCDH-90J Rater 30-60#
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    Anyone need a ho for 10/11/19?

    Axel on my trailer broke so stuck on shore lmk if anyone needs help with gas and bait for tomorrow to get on some yellowfin 10/11/19 Thanks
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    Shimano Trinidad 10a

    Have a shimano Trinidad 10a only been on one boat ride 10/10 condition comes with the box no braid Only looking to trade for a Trinidad 14a or a tranx 500 Send me a text for pictures and if ur interested in trading 657-293-3617
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    So I just bought my second boat. How’d I do?

    I got the exact same boat Haha it's pretty nice I've taken it pretty far offshore and to Catalina
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    Trinidad 20/16a Tiburon clamp

    Let me know if u got one forsale
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    Paddy Poaching - DP

    This shit was funny
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    Offshore Tuna-kakke

    Ur good with the Toro buy a small halco popper or yozuri and ur good I havent heard that they've been eating the surface iron but ur pretty much set with a halco popper or coltsniper